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Children grow and develop rapidly during their first three years of life. Although each child is special and grows and learns at his or her own pace, some children need extra help. This extra help is called Early Childhood Intervention.

Early Childhood Intervention or ECI provides pediatric developmental and therapy services for babies and toddlers birth up to the age of three. Research shows that children learn best from those they know in their own natural environment which is most commonly the home, but could be wherever the child lives, learns, and plays. ECI professionals spend time coaching and supporting families on techniques that can help with everyday routines which can be life changing for a family and a child with special needs.

The earlier a delay is identified and a child receives intervention the better the outcome. For this reason, it is important not to wait. Well-designed, timely early intervention can enhance a child’s development, provide support for the family, and provide long-term benefits for society. Positive outcomes for the child and family are directly related to early referral and timely intervention. Anyone can refer a child to ECI. If you have a developmental concern about a child under age three… refer.

Refer A Child to ECI

Anyone can refer a child to ECI. You can make a referral online or by calling our referral line at (915) 534-4324.

Eligibility Requirements

Developmental Delay

Children who are delayed in one or more of the following areas of development:

  • Cognitive, communication, motor, social-emotional, and adaptive/self-help
  • Children are eligible who exhibit a 25% developmental delay in one or more areas of development
  • Children not walking, or crawling when they should be
  • Communication: delayed speech or limited understanding of a child’s speech
  • Social-emotional: attachment problems, limited parent/family interactions or behavior problems Self-help skills: feeding issues

Eligible Medical Diagnoses

  • Children with a medically diagnosed condition with a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay are eligible for ECI services.
  • Medically diagnosed conditions that are known to be associated with a developmental delay such as specific syndromes, chromosomal anomalies, cerebral palsy, seizures, hydrocephalus, spina bifida, etc. can qualify children for early intervention services.

Auditory or Visual Impairment

All children with auditory and/or vision concerns should be referred for eligibility determination. Children are eligible for ECI services if they have an auditory or visual impairment as defined by the Texas Education Agency.